Hudson Whittaker

I'm a frontend web developer. Scroll this page to get an idea of what I'm about or use the nav to skip to your favorite href.

Web Development

I have a degree in software engineering from Olivet Nazarene University. To earn that piece of paper I wrote a lot of Java, a little bit of C++, and spent way too much time writing papers about thermofluids that never got graded (I'm still salty, Schroeder). Those were all boring so, instead of trying my senior year, I did graphic design and web development on the side. Somehow, shortly after graduating, I got a job at Mirus Research and I've been conning them for the past two years. 🤫

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Film Photography

This interest has only developed (get it?) recently. In May 2022 I went to Iceland for a week and my friend let my shoot a roll in his Cannon A-1. Obviously I was hooked. I got my own Nikon FE and have been shooting everywhere I go since.

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Free Clout

There are a lot of people, software, and resources that I have found over the years that I don't hate. I've decided to curate and organize them here. Definitely check this list out because there's nothing there for you.

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If you made it this far, then we'd probably get along. Let's chat.

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